Assisted living at Parker Place in Parkersburg, Iowa.

Assisted Living in Parkersburg, Iowa

If you or your loved one is experiencing difficulty with the activities of daily living – such as bathing, dressing, or eating nutritious meals – it may be a good time to consider a move into Assisted Living at Parker Place. Everyone’s life journey is different, but everyone deserves great care. Our passionate team of caregivers meet each resident where they are, providing only the level of support they need to remain as independent as possible. Whether you or your loved one needs an occasional helping hand or around-the-clock support, we are committed to helping each resident have the freedom to find more fun and fulfillment in each day.

Resident in a chair reaching upwards and smiling at Parker Place in Parkersburg, Iowa.

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Residents of the Assisted Living apartments at Parker Place have a variety of floor plans to choose from with many offering full-size kitchen appliances with plenty of counter space. Assisted Living apartments also offer residents the dignity of their own private bathroom. Residents of Parker Place enjoy all the benefits of our Red Carpet Services, including a rich calendar of activities, delicious all-day dining options, and high-quality care. Services include laundry and garbage removal, housekeeping, move-in assistance, and home maintenance. Our caring team works hard to help each resident feel at home, memorizing their personal preferences, always referring to them by name, and treating them like family.

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