Senior looking into mirror at younger self. Time does not define us. Moments do.

Assisted Living in Minnetonka, Minnesota

Embrace the many perks and benefits of a maintenance-free lifestyle at our Landings of Minnetonka senior living community west of the cities. Whether you are searching for yourself or a loved one, our Minnetonka Assisted Living community is designed to help seniors live more fully and independently with the support and encouragement of our professional caregiving team. We even offer temporary Respite Care, so short-term guests can benefit from the variety of services and amenities available in our community.

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Landings of Minnetonka


14505 Minnetonka Dr. Minnetonka, MN 55345


Our community provides a wealth of opportunities for residents to stay engaged, pursue their passions, and rekindle interest in favorite pastimes. Designed with seniors in mind, our programs and special activities promote living life to its fullest. There’s something for everyone to enjoy at Landings of Minnetonka.

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Red carpet service at Landings of Minnetonka in Minnetonka, Minnesota

Red Carpet Service

Our Red Carpet Service helps make every element of life at Landings of Minnetonka exceptional.

Our Dare to Dream program at Landings of Minnetonka in Minnetonka, Minnesota

Dare to Dream

Each month, we help make one resident’s dream a reality — the sky's the limit.

LifeShare, the digital communication system at Landings of Minnetonka in Minnetonka, Minnesota.


This system makes it possible to broadcast community information onto TVs in common areas and private rooms.

The Music Speaks program at Landings of Minnetonka in Minnetonka, Minnesota

Music Speaks

Certified music therapists use evidence-based music interventions to address specific care goals.

We Live to Be Healthy at Landings of Minnetonka in Minnetonka, Minnesota

Live 2B Healthy

We partner with this fitness company to offer classes and training designed for seniors of all shapes and abilities.

We partner with US Foods at Landings of Minnetonka in Minnetonka, Minnesota

US Foods

Our US Foods partnership allows us access to a world class team dedicated to help us achieve our commitment to serve great food with innovative recipes designed to inspire any menu.

A resident and his dog in his pet-friendly apartment at Landings of Minnetonka in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

For Your Enjoyment & Wellbeing

The onsite amenities at Landings of Minnetonka provide opportunities for residents to explore new hobbies and old interests, socialize with neighbors, and engage with each day in ways that are meaningful and enjoyable. By honoring the personal preferences and choices of each resident, we encourage them to take part in the activities that most bring them joy.

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The vaccine team at Landings of Minnetonka

The dedicated team here at the Landings of Minnetonka Senior Living are excited and prepped to welcome the COVID-19 First Dose Vaccine this month! What a way to start the New Year, with a New Hope! The team is doing their part to promote the #FollowMe Campaign and lead the way to a world without COVID-19.

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