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Senior Living in Burlington, Wisconsin | Arbor View Senior Living

Arbor View

The Heart of Home

Home is a feeling—comfortable like a familiar beam of afternoon sunlight through the bay window. It’s laughing with friends while sharing a splendid meal. Home becomes real in the warmth of a hug and a smile from someone who truly cares.

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We invite you to answer the sweet call of home in the idyllic small town of Burlington, Wisconsin.

Are you interested in Assisted Living or Memory Care for yourself or a loved one? [community-short-name] is here to meet you and accompany you wherever you are on life’s journey. We invite you to answer the sweet call of home in picturesque Burlington, Wisconsin.

Experiences await you in Burlington.

Situated along the Fox River, Burlington boasts a small-town atmosphere while also providing ample recreational activities and social events. With a number of parks and open spaces that are perfect for outdoor adventure, such as Echo Park, as well as various community venues, such as the Historical Society and Museum, Burlington offers opportunity and adventure for all.

Let’s re-imagine the possibilities of what life can be at a senior living community!

senior friends playing together in the activity room

Life At Arbor View

Thursday afternoon at Arbor View is in full swing—the “party bus” has just returned from a trip into town. The animated voices of returning passengers fill the lobby, and nearby you can hear a group of friends chuckle as they play bridge around the card table.

From the community room comes the sound of singing—the Music program is in session. Meanwhile, in the fitness center, balance and mobility exercise classes are underway. Another day of life—enjoyed and lived to the fullest!

happy senior woman enjoying a coffee in the community courtyard

Your Time In The Sun

Breathe in the fresh air as you take in the breathtaking scenic views, while settling into a comfy chair for a cup of tea with friends. Put your best foot forward at a nearby park and feel the rush of endorphins. Time spent outside is good for the soul, which is why all of our residents have access to nature and the outdoors.


Delicious roast beef dinner with roasted vegetables

Gather ‘Round The Table

With a warm and welcoming smile, your server shows you to your table—what will you pick from the menu today? Your favorites of course!

Our top-notch chefs and attentive staff have your made-to-order dining experience ready for your enjoyment. Dive in, satisfy your tastebuds, and share some quality time with family or friends at Arbor View.



We’re Here For You

As you begin your journey of exploring senior living choices, it can be an exciting time filled with anticipation, probably some nerves, and many questions.

Take a look through our resource articles to discover answers to your questions. If we can be of service in any way, please visit us in person for a tour or call us on the phone for a good conversation!

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Keeping Your Loved One Safe

When it comes to the safety of your loved one in Memory Care, you can rest assured that Arbor View is prepared and equipped to provide the best environment for them.

Memory Care

Dogs, Cats, Birds – oh my!

Rex, the tabby cat, has a knack for finding the sunniest spot, stretching out, and making himself right at home. In your pet-friendly apartment he’s living large, and you’ll both feel at home here, together.

A furry friend can provide so much joy, which is why pets are welcome in our community.

ginger cat sleeping on sofa
woman with dog in pet friendly senior living community

Experience The Difference

We’d love to meet you! Visit us and experience our cozy community. Share a meal, and your story—a warm welcome always awaits you at Arbor View!

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