Seniors First Safety Program

Jaybird Senior Living is committed to the safety of our residents, going above and beyond in protecting them from harmful pathogens, including viruses such as the one that causes COVID-19. 

In order to ensure these goals, Jaybird Senior Living has instituted the Seniors First Safety Program. We go above and beyond what is necessary. Combining enhanced cleaning policies, procedures, and protocols with partnerships with Ecolab and other health care providers, this new program is designed to amplify the safety of our residents and team members and is a manifestation of our commitment to those we serve.

Even prior to the announcement of Operation Warp Speed, the Jaybird Team has been diligent and focused on creating a ‘Moving Forward with the Vaccine Task Force’. We are committed to ensuring that once the vaccine is available in the near term, we are ready with our pharmacy partners to deploy a seamless and safe plan to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to our residents and staff.

The Seniors First Safety Program should be considered Jaybird Senior Living’s new normal.

Resident chatting with a younger woman at Jaybird Senior Living
Resident sitting in a wheelchair talking to a caretaker at Jaybird Senior Living
Resident couple sitting outside drinking coffee at Jaybird Senior Living

Multilayered Approach

We take a multilayered approach to fight harmful pathogens, including:

  • Ecolab cleaning products: Powerful disinfectants engineered by their team of over 400 Ph.D.s
  • Amplified cleaning standards in every Jaybird Senior Living community: Additional inspections and supplemental training from our partner Ecolab, as well as health professionals 
  • Utilization of the EvaClean Infection Control System
  • Continued noninvasive infection screening

If you have any questions regarding our Seniors First Safety Program, please connect with us at