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Senior Living, Reimagined!

Step through our doors and experience the warmhearted retirement community we’ve created especially for you.

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Senior Living in Rochester, Minnesota | Meadow Lakes

Meadow Lakes

Together At
Meadow Lakes

You’ve worked hard for your time in the sun, and Meadow Lakes has the senior lifestyle for your uniqueness. Embrace the adventure by exploring new hobbies and interests and take time to relax and savor life with friends and family.

…just when you need it.

We appreciate gumption, and we cherish our residents’ self-reliant spirit. We also understand that aging can bring new challenges.

Our Assisted Living Community in Rochester enables you to be your best, by stepping in with just the right support…

Experiences await you in Rochester.

Begin your day with a cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast at Benedict’s Breakfast Restaurant before exploring the Rochester Art Center. Meet your friends at May Park and enjoy a stroll by the river. Your furry companion can join in the fun at the Rochester Dog Park or any of the many community parks nearby.

senior lady being helped up by nurse

Helping Hands At The Ready

Our capable, tactful caregivers are standing by to offer assistance–scheduled, or unscheduled. A warm smile and a steadying hand can make all the difference! Assisted Living supports residents with extra help for routine activities of daily living, such as:

  • Taking Medications
  • Personal hygiene (showering, brushing one’s teeth, etc.)
  • Getting dressed
happy senior woman enjoying a coffee in the community courtyard

A Day In The Sun

Your day begins with a cheerful greeting as a Meadow Lakes team member arrives to help with your morning routine. She opens the curtains and the sunlight comes streaming in. Looks like a great day for a stroll around the lake—then there’s that morning art class you’ve been looking forward to.

Afternoons are perfect for relaxing in a comfy chair, chatting with friends or even enjoying a little snooze. Every night can be movie night after dinner, and tonight Casablanca is playing on the “big screen.” A grand finale to another day of living well at Meadow Lakes.

live well

Delicious roast beef dinner with roasted vegetables

Gather ‘Round The Table

With a warm and welcoming smile, your server shows you to your table—what will you pick from the menu today? Your favorites of course!

Our top-notch chefs and attentive staff have your made-to-order dining experience ready for your enjoyment. Dive in, satisfy your tastebuds, and share some quality time with family or friends at Meadow Lakes.


senior friends playing together in the activity room

Life At Meadow Lakes

Thursday afternoon at Meadow Lakes is in full swing—the “party bus” has just returned from a trip into town. The animated voices of returning passengers fill the lobby, and nearby you can hear a group of friends chuckle as they play bridge around the card table.

From the community room comes the sound of singing—the Music program is in session. Meanwhile, in the fitness center, balance and mobility exercise classes are underway. Another day of life—enjoyed and lived to the fullest!

There’s No Place Like It!

It won’t take long to feel right at home in an elegant, sunlit Meadow Lakes apartment suite with a private bathroom, air conditioning, and cable TV. Our staff seamlessly handles chores and maintenance so you can relax worry-free.

There’s plenty of room for treasured furniture and belongings to make the space your own. Invite friends and family over for coffee and treats in your full-sized kitchenette—settle in and get comfortable!

We’re Here For you

As you begin to explore your choices for senior living in Rochester, it can be an exciting time filled with anticipation, probably some nerves, and many questions.

Take a look through our resource articles to discover answers to your questions. If we can be of service in any way, please visit us in person for a tour or call us on the phone for a good conversation!

Living Well Begins Here

In our warmhearted community, beauty, meaning, and joy are all yours to be had. It is our honor to provide you with exceptional care while striving to make your dreams come true.

We’d love to meet you! Visit us and experience our cozy community. Share a meal, and your story—a warm welcome always awaits you at Meadow Lakes!

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