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Personalized assisted living services are here to support you and see you thrive.

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Assisted Living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa | Garnett Place

Together At
Garnett Place

We appreciate gumption, and we cherish our residents’ self-reliant spirit. We also understand that aging can bring new challenges.

Our Assisted Living Community in Cedar Rapids enables you to be your best, by stepping in with just the right support, just when you need it.

A Day In Thesun

Your day begins with a cheerful greeting as a Garnett Place team member arrives to help with your morning routine. She opens the curtains and the sunlight comes streaming in.

Looks like a great day for a stroll on our walking paths…then there’s that Farkle game you’ve been looking forward to.

Afternoons are perfect for relaxing in the courtyard under the gazebo in a comfy chair, chatting with friends or even enjoying a little snooze.

Every Wednesday is movie night after dinner, and tonight Casablanca is playing on the “big screen.” A grand finale to another day of living well at Garnett Place.

Happy senior woman spending time with her daughter
Happy senior woman with glasses

Helping Hands At The Ready

Our capable, tactful caregivers are standing by to offer assistance–scheduled, or unscheduled. A warm smile and a steadying hand can make all the difference!

Assisted Living in Cedar Rapids supports residents with extra help for routine activities of daily living, such as:

  • Taking medications
  • Personal hygiene (showering, brushing one’s teeth, etc.)
  • Getting dressed
  • Transit (moving around)
  • Getting into and out of bed
senior men talking and playing chess in the lounge

Among Friends

Enjoy a convivial afternoon of board games or cards in a sunny, inviting common area. Take a dance class. Explore arts and crafts. Tag along on a trip into town for shopping or to see a show.

These are just a few of the ways assisted living at Garnett Place brings everyone together. Because we believe life is best enjoyed in good company.

    Delicious roast beef dinner with roasted vegetables

    Tempt Your Tastebuds

    Conversation and laughter flow freely as your server approaches with a tray of mouthwatering dishes. A savory aroma wafts by as you pick up your fork to dig in with gusto! In our restaurant-style dining hall, family members are always welcome, and mealtimes are wonderful for breaking bread with your new friends.

    Garnett Place partners with US Foods to ensure that our skilled chefs prepare your meals with the freshest and finest ingredients. Nutrition and taste combine in perfect harmony for your dining enjoyment!



      Keeping You Safe

      Our community’s safety is the highest priority at Garnett Place. All of our living spaces feature grab bars and other safety supports. Trained staff members are onsite 24 hours a day. We monitor entrances and exits.

      happy senior man smiling at camera

      There’s No Place Like It!

      It won’t take long to feel right at home in an elegant, sunlit Garnett Place apartment suite with a private bathroom, air conditioning, and cable TV. Our staff seamlessly handle chores and maintenance so you can relax worry-free.

      There’s plenty of room for treasured furniture and belongings to make the space your own. Invite friends and family over for coffee and treats in your full-sized kitchenette—settle in and get comfortable!

      senior woman reading a book with her dog on her lap

      Animal Companions

      Pets are welcome at Garnett Place. We know how much the comfort of a cat purring contently in your lap, or the soulful gaze of a beloved dog can mean.

      Animals bring joy to our lives, and companionship for those quiet moments at home. There’s a place in our hearts for your four-legged friends.

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      Stop By And See Us

      We’d love to meet you! Visit us and experience our cozy community. Share a meal, and your story. A warm welcome always awaits you at Garnett Place!

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      Closer Care

      The time between Assisted Living and the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s symptoms is delicate. Closer Care honors your loved one’s individuality and legacy—they are a unique person with their own likes, dislikes, history, and interests.

      Closer Care is personalized, encourages autonomy, and keeps them safe and secure—all while optimizing their quality of life.

      With Closer Care at Garnett Place, we are ready to serve your loved one with a timely and gradual increase in personalized care.

      senior woman in the backseat of car looking out the window

      Small Town-Big Life

      Garnett Place is nestled in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, known for its scenic parks, active arts scene, and numerous attractions. Enjoy delicious Mexican cuisine at The Taco Depot in preparation for a day at the links of Elmcrest Country Club & Golf Course. Venture indoors to NewBo City Market, which features local vendors selling everything from fresh produce to homemade crafts. Cedar Rapids truly has something for everyone.