The City’s Best Dining at Prairie Hills Cedar Rapids​

A meal shared amongst friends is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Stories are told, toasts are made, and bread is broken. These small acts can add up to great friendships that last a lifetime. Add in delicious, high-quality food and expert service and you have a legend in the making. Offer all of these things every single day and what do you have? The amazing restaurant-style dining experience at Prairie Hills Cedar Rapids – no reservations required.

Deliciousness You Can Count On

Prairie Hills Cedar Rapids knows that providing delicious, nutritious meals isn’t something to take lightly. Our US Foods partnership allows us access to a world class team dedicated to help us achieve our commitment to serve great food with innovative recipes designed to inspire any menu.

Call today for a tour, and find your seat at the table. We can’t wait to serve you.

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"Before I decided to come to Prairie Hills Cedar Rapids, I looked at several places, and I toured different places. I have friends here, and their families are happy with Prairie Hills! Prairie Hills was recommended highly and what I found out matched the recommendations. I like it here at Prairie Hills Cedar Rapids! The meals are home cooked which I enjoy; the servers are nice! We have a lot of fun at meals! It’s a big, huge family at Prairie Hills! My family is very happy I’m here at Prairie Hills! The staff is good to them too! My repairs are taken care of. Overall, I recommend Prairie Hills Cedar Rapids highly!"

- Don D.

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