The City’s Best Dining at Liberty Court ​

A meal shared amongst friends is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Stories are told, toasts are made, and bread is broken. These small acts can add up to great friendships that last a lifetime. Add in delicious, high-quality food and expert service and you have a legend in the making. Offer all of these things every single day and what do you have? The amazing restaurant-style dining experience at Liberty Court – no reservations required.  

Deliciousness You Can Count On

Liberty Court knows that providing delicious, nutritious meals isn’t something to take lightly. Our US Foods partnership allows us access to a world class team dedicated to help us achieve our commitment to serve great food with innovative recipes designed to inspire any menu.

Call today for a tour, and find your seat at the table. We can’t wait to serve you.

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"When considering assisted living options for Mom & Dad, I had concerns about a community as small as Liberty Court. Turns out, what I viewed as potential negatives were actually positives. Dad didn’t have to walk several long corridors to get to the dining room. Once there, the meal was served restaurant style – no long buffet line in which to stand and wait. Plus, as a bonus, they both really liked the food! It was served by kind thoughtful staff who take the time to personally know the residents and their individual dietary preferences."

- Nancy, family member

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