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Compassionate Memory Care For Your Loved One

Relax and savor special moments with your loved one. Our dedicated team is here to serve. They are in good hands at Addington Place of Edwardsville.

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Senior Living in Edwardsville, Illinois | Addington Place of Edwardsville

Addington Place

The Heart of Home

Let’s make the most of each moment we share.
A keen emphasis on safety is essential when caring for memory loss, but the heart behind it matters just as much. Our attentive, compassionate Memory Care associates curate the ideal environment to bring joy to everyday living for your loved one.

two senior women friends taking a selfie with a smile

Among Friends

A reassuring touch on the arm, a warm and welcoming smile, the soothing sound of a familiar voice. Social involvement has been shown to improve quality of life for seniors with cognitive impairment by reducing anxiety and giving structure to their day.

Addington Place‘s daily schedule of group activities and programs brings people together in a stimulating and sociable environment. One-on-one interactions with our devoted, compassionate Memory Care staff are sure to brighten your loved one’s day as well.


health visitor giving senior woman tea during visit

Gather ‘Round The Table

With a warm and welcoming smile, attentive servers show your loved one to their table—many of their usual favorites are ready for their choosing.

Quality time with family or friends at Addington Place of Edwardsville is always a great part of the day.


Community Life
senior woman smelling the flowers

Embracing Each Day

Your loved one’s day begins with a cheerful greeting from an Addington Place team member as she arrives to help with the morning routine. She opens the curtains and the sunlight comes streaming in. Looks like a great day to tend to the plants and flowers in our private, enclosed courtyard.

After lunch is the perfect time to enjoy the warm afternoon breezes while relaxing in a comfy chair, chatting with friends or even enjoying a little snooze.

Any night could be movie night after dinner, and It’s A Wonderful Life is playing on the “big screen” tonight. A grand finale to another day of living well at Addington Place.

elderly man reading the newspaper

Keeping Your Loved One Safe

When it comes to the safety of your loved one in Memory Care, you can rest assured that Addington Place is prepared and equipped to provide the best environment for them.

Memory Care

We’re Here For You

As you begin your journey of exploring senior living options which accommodate care for those with a form of dementia, you may be nervous and have some questions. If we can be of service in any way, please contact us for a good conversation about next steps or you could even stop by for a visit!

You can also read some of our resource articles to provide insight and hopefully answer any questions you may have.

Possibilities Abound

We understand–an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis has its challenges. Here, we never lose sight of the unique and special individual behind the diagnosis.

The Memory Care community and team are here to see your loved one enjoy a vibrant, active, and involved life.

We’d love to get to know you and your loved ones! Visit us and experience our cozy community. Share a meal, and your story—a warm welcome always awaits you at Addington Place!